The U.S. needs to discuss the nature of malevolence

Soon to be attached: an EndNote bibliographic database with 609 references spanning much of the literature on “The Dark Triad” of personality traits — the combination of psychopathy, narcissism, and Machiavellianism, which is a psychological model of malevolence — and Dark Leadership, which manifests that malevolence at higher organizational levels. Many of the references will be attached as PDF files.

Darcia Narvaez has developed a triune ethics theory that arrives at the same conclusions from basic neuroscience, without any need to attach diagnostic labels, as evidenced in this comprehensive article:
Narvaez, D. (2008). “Triune ethics: The neurobiological roots of our multiple moralities.” New Ideas in Psychology 26(1): 95-119.

Until I upload the EndNote bibliography, and for those who don’t have access to EndNote, here are 13 crucial references on the Dark Triad and Dark Leadership.


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