Upcoming open letters to progressives and conservatives about election issues and future cooperative interactions

Raymond E. Gangarosa, MD, MPH, MSEE

Based on my as-yet unpublished research on the physics of life and civilization, I wish to post two open letters directed at election issues: to conservatives in Christianity Today and to progressives elsewhere. 

As a progressive Christian, I exhort my evangelical brethren to let God’s will be done in the 2020 election, at the very least with the U.S. Post Office restored to its original state and adequate funding to count all mail-in votes. As a believing scientist, I am developing ways to open up avenues of communication, whereby minorities, progressives, and conservatives might cooperate according to Trinitarian and scientific principles to design human civilization after the body of Christ, but all will be for naught if Donald Trump steals the election. Evangelicals base their support on the book of Kings, but the bottom line was that their deficient leadership lost the Israelites the promised land in biblical days, and similarly, I sense that evangelicals will profoundly regret having empowered Trump to dismantle and imperil our democracy.

As a scientist exploring civilizational dynamics, I’ve found that the Trinitarian perspective from early Christianity offers a striking way to stabilize interactions between minorities, progressives and conservatives, in ways that resemble the unicellular-to-multicellular transition involving the three basic embryonic cell types that are fated to become different tissue types. Accordingly, we can identify progressives (concerned with sustaining those who are alive) with the endoderm, which is fated to become the gut; conservatives (concerned with steering society) with the ectoderm, fated to become the nervous system and skin, and minorities (entering late into economic equality) with the mesoderm, fated to become the musculoskeletal system and visceral organs. Such societal-level forces would provide much greater resilience and stability than our individual-level unicellular-like economic incentives. This multicellular viewpoint establishes that all three viewpoints are valid, complementary, and essential to the emerging whole. 

The physics of life features many such triadic resonances, and God has provided clues throughout nature, life, and civilization how to incorporate them in civilizational designs, in ways that neither biblical authors nor neoclassical economists have imagined. Our civilization stands at that dangerous but promising unicellular-to-multicellular transition now, and we can defuse the tensions in our society and follow the prescribed track of embryogenesis by showing where a greater and gentler awareness might lead us. All humanity is wracked by a meltdown in the haphazard design of our civilization that resulted from “sleepwalking through history”; however, if we retrace its orbit starting from where early Christianity left off, but this time with scientific knowledge and historical experience, we can heal those countless design defects and rebuild them to emulate multicellular life. “Inversion narratives” in civilization (like those between Judaism and Christianity, Cain and Abel, and Christianity and Enlightenment) explain why progressives and conservatives have such strikingly different worldviews and introduce new insights for bridging the divide. That meltdown was inevitable for a civilization destined for technological advancement, analogous to the same point in embryogenesis — giving evidence for God’s timeless plan for all lifelike systems, including human civilization. 

Both progressives and conservatives need to think in terms of higher-level structures and functions that develop along an embryogenic-like trajectory, as the basis for embedding “the body of Christ” into human civilization. For example, a distributional network for sustaining worldwide synchronized lockdowns to purge coronavirus from the human population in finite time could form the scaffold for a civilizational circulatory system. I propose a theory of civilizational design based on first principles that shows how the four interacting moieties in the universe govern chemical affinities, establish familiar equations for life, and clarify the discipline under which we must live for life to function reliably and development to progress steadily forward on a stable platform. This embryogenic theory of human civilization stands in stark contrast to end times speculations, criticizing those fatalistic views as prohibited anticipation of God’s will. I will imminently start blogging these ideas on a website called Theprodigalspecies.org.


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