Identification of a path toward humanity’s co-creative partnership with God

Raymond E. Gangarosa, MD, MPH, MSEE

August 26, 2020

Christian believers have long thought of history in terms of an inversion process, in which catastrophe rebuilds life: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” However, modern science allows us to understand our current civilizational inflection point in terms of the culmination of a long inversion recovery sequence extending from Christ’s crucifixion. God Himself has set up human civilization as a vast 2000-year physical experiment, analogous to a magnetic resonance imager, in which people’s actions and legacies set up persistent echoes that reverberate through history in purposive sequences of events that have predictable future effects. In this way, God has set up a controlled comparison in our era between fundamentalist and progressive theologies, which proves for a second time that Biblical literalism cannot be responsive to His will during rapidly changing times of profound civilizational transformation. Governance based on looking backwards to be responsive to fundamentalist constituencies has elicited a series of large-scale catastrophes during the last two Republican administrations that we can regard either as corrective feedback from negligent leadership or else as God’s wrath for grossly misinterpreting His will — wrenching terrorist attacks, two severe economic downturns, and a deadly pandemic. God’s own definitive proof commands that humanity must henceforth relegate the Bible to a historical and motivational role consistent with progressive theology and primarily discern His will through scientific/theological scrutiny of clues that He has left throughout nature, life, and civilization. Only in that way can we respond rapidly and fluently enough to God’s will to navigate and steer our civilization under constantly changing challenges that He presents to humanity within and between different eras. 

Our era has entered a severe crisis when its unicellular-like operating mode could not handle growing multicellular capabilities that currently are misused to proliferate shallow, untruthful, propagandistic, and harmful communications (e.g., cable networks and social media). That clash between unicellular origins and unfolding multicellular programs is an inevitable stage in embryogenesis, but one that is fraught with peril. As evidence for the ways in which contrasts mix in inversion recovery experiments (in this case, between awareness and self-deception), many fundamentalists are thinking of our era in purely personal terms as preparing themselves for imminent end times. However, God is proving to us, through this inversion recovery that we are now experiencing, that He needs humanity to step up our awareness to think of our civilization as an embryo of the body of Christ that we must, collectively and reverently, design and build. Our embryonic civilization is just undergoing the transition from the final throes of its current toxic and slumbering unicellular phase to a multicellular transformation, destined to build God’s kingdom over the multi-billion-year lifespan of our planet and ultimately, over vast timescales, to reify the mind of God in humanity’s cumulative earthly experiences. To act as though the end times are upon us is analogous to our cells giving up the ghost while we’re still very much alive — or to induce birth defects into, or even spontaneous abortion of, our entire embryonic civilization! 

This interpretation introduces a new awareness of God’s purposiveness, His concern for the future of all life, and the meaning and purpose of human civilization. We can now see the point of Jesus’ sacrifice for all humanity as it pertains to our own time, setting up a branch point now where we can reject the crass selfishness and aimless sleepwalking of the past and recognize ourselves as the only species capable of building God’s kingdom with intentionality and commitment. The clues that God has left in the design of our own bodies say volumes about what it means, now and throughout the future, finally to take on co-creative responsibility for designing and building our civilization as the body of Christ, formed in God’s image. 

God’s inversion recovery experiment was designed to expose, at this critical juncture, everything that humanity has been doing wrong, as exemplified by Donald Trump, his dictatorial rule, and fundamentalists who have sided with him against God’s kingdom. God has set up in our era self-documenting, self-broadcasting technologies that will provide dire warnings to believers of all future eras never again to endanger His kingdom by turning their manufactured doctrines into a Trojan horse that lets in a hostile invader to wreak his own agenda. God is fully aware of the irony that, anticipating the end times, fundamentalists have sided with an existential civizational threat against His kingdom, persistently ignoring endless evidence (by disparaging the “mainstream media”) of His displeasure and wrath. The extensive documentation of our era will leave no doubt to future generations how to identify a civilizational threat and what to do when one surfaces. 

In this crucial immediate recovery process, we can see Joe Biden’s call to “rebuild our nation better” in a new context of Christian, Trinitarian dynamic principles, constructing the body of Christ within our civilization in God’s image based on the principles that make life work. Within that framework, oppressed minorities stand to play a crucial role in the transition from unicellular to multicellular operating modes, converting the back-and-forth conflict between conservatives and progressives that is currently shaking our world apart into a smooth, rotational, constructive, resonant “civilizational life force”. The Trump administration illustrates the flaw in unicellular life that uses minorities as a buffer, cannibalizing any of their transient gains during rougher times; by contrast, in a true multicellular design, cutting off circulation to the periphery is no longer an option. Civilizational designs that commit to multicellularity establish a “ratchet” that keeps progress from backsliding, degenerating, and collapsing so a robust developmental platform can take on new challenges and undergo further design transformation. Over intermediate timescales, oppressed minorities would play the role of embryonic mesodermal tissue, laying down the substrate for the musculoskeletal system and visceral organs of the body of Christ and motivating imminent development of a circulatory system that will serve as a new kind of economy at a higher level, based upon the one that keeps our own bodies alive. An immediate purpose for such a civilization-wide circulatory system could be to sustain everyone on earth with material needs and Internet connectivity during finite worldwide synchronized lockdowns that would purge COVID-19 from the human population within a few incubation periods, thereby preventing the viral pandemic from crippling God’s kingdom indefinitely.

God has also made a point to show us the harm that dictators cause to His kingdom, to highlight the imperative of purging dictatorship from the world. We can institute both preventive and punitive disincentives by holding dictators’ personal fortunes accountable in civil court for the damages they inflict on vulnerable and scapegoated populations through their capricious, vindictive, and/or cruel actions. The exertion of dictatorial power abrogates legal immunities ordinarily afforded to officeholders acting under legitimate authority. 

Also in embryonic terms, retracing humanity’s trajectory from the time of early Christianity, but this time with scientific knowledge and historical experience, corresponds to laying down another body segment (like the head, thorax, abdomen, pelvis), after the previous two cycles of Judaism and Christianity. This process involves healing all the major design flaws that past generations have embedded in our civilization through a neglectful process of “sleepwalking through history”, e.g., the false idol of military-style weapons that conservatives worship, which introduce both autoimmune disease and cancer into the body of Christ. Extending our perspective to infinity in time, we can see how God configured life on earth with multiple inversions and their respective recovery processes (notably, the abrupt extinction of the dinosaurs that allowed mammals to gain ascendancy) to make the human body an evolutionary platform for the development of thought and our civilization a unique and unthinkably rare jewel in His universe. Recognizing our civilization to a developing embryo, we envision that God must clearly have purposes for it that we cannot yet fathom. 

I have developed a scientific theory, based on first principles, that explains how the chemical affinities that drive our thoughts and behavior lead to a universal stepwise, multilevel, scale-invariant developmental sequence for all lifelike processes. This theory puts our current view of human civilization midway on a vast developmental spectrum from understanding of embryogenesis at the level of an individual organism to humanity’s ultimate purpose to make of our civilization a gift to God that He can use to vanquish evil in the far-distant end times. 


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