Human civilization is transitioning
from unicellular-like “sleepwalking”
to conscious multicellular-like design.


triadic (“trinitarian”) dynamics as {past | present | future} and
{patterns || processes || insights} of {nature ||| life ||| civilization}


the meaning of human existence in the biosphere and
the purpose of human civilization in life’s future on earth


towards a proof of the existence and nature of God,
as the basis for a universal theological dialog


humanity’s imperatives for responsible citizenship
in the biosphere and partnership with God

The U.S. needs to discuss the nature of malevolence

The U.S. needs to discuss the nature of malevolence

Soon to be attached: an EndNote bibliographic database with 609 references spanning much of the literature on “The Dark Triad” of personality traits — the combination of psychopathy, narcissism, and Machiavellianism, which is a psychological model...

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Email about “Frustration”

Email about “Frustration”

2020|5|23 From: Friend#6 Subject: Frustration Ray G I remember as young engineers , in med school voicing our concerns to each other,  On the lack of discipline of our new field of study Had in math processes / and application. I remember a...

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